Detailing Packages

*Prices Will Vary Based On Vehicle Car & Condition*

Our Detailing Packages will alter the way you look at your daily driver. These packages are used to increase the aesthetic and monetary value of your vehicle.  The list below shows the meticulous and effective steps we take to ensure you get the best out of your vehicle. 

Express Detail Wash (Stage I)

Starting at $100 Approx. 2-3 Hours
•Thorough Hand Wash
•Clean & Decontaminate wheels
•Clean & Decontaminate Wheel Wells, Fenders, and Tires
•Lightly Clean Door Jambs
•Clean Windows Inside and Out
•Clay Bar Paint
•Exhaust Tips Polished
•Sealant Wax is machine applied for Shine & Durability
•Black trim is restored for  maximum shine
•Dress Tires
•Interior Vacuumed
Trident Detailing Mini Detail Package

Interior and Exterior Full Detail (Stage 2)

Starting at $150 Approx. 2-4 Hours
• Thorough Rinse & Hand Wash
• Clean & Decontaminate wheels
• Clean & Decontaminate Wheels, Fenders, and Tires
•Lightly Clean Door Jambs
•Clean Windows Inside and Out
•Clay Bar Paint
•Sealant Wax is applied for Shine & Durability
• Interior and Trunk Vacuumed
•Exhaust Tips Polished
• Interior Panels Wiped Clean and Dusted
• Interior Components Dressed
• Light Seat Cleaning
•Black trim is restored for  maximum shine

Premium Detail Packages

Approx. 3-5 Hours
Our Premium Detailing Packages focuses on bringing your vehicle from used to new. Our Premium Details are separated into two different packages, Exterior Detailing or Interior Detailing. These packages are perfect for daily drivers, the cars that are covered in dirt from your student-athletes, and luxury cars alike!
Trident Detail Premium Exterior Car Wash Package
Trident Detailing Interior Car Wash Package

Diamond Detail (Stage 3)

Starting at $350 Approx. 6-8 Hours
Our Diamond Detailing Package combines both of our premium packages to bring your car to near perfection. This package is perfect for car enthusiasts, or cars that are about to be put up for sale.
Automotive Detailing Diamond Package

ShowCar Detail (Stage 4)

Approx. 10+ Hours
Our Show Car Detail Package has the highest level of detail. We use a meticulous three-step paint correction process to remove any paint imperfections. Every aspect of the interior is carefully degreased and conditioned. Our end goal is to make the vehicle look immaculate for the upcoming car show, wedding, music video, or other special events.
Car Wash Show Car Package