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What To Expect From Your First Detail With Trident Automotive

Because we currently run a mobile car detailing business, our customers get the convenience of staying home. Keep in mind with us being a mobile detailing business we will need you to provide WATER and ELECTRICITY. In regards to our tools, we aim to keep our supplies extremely organized so as not to make a mess of your driveway.  Prior to the detail, we prefer to have a short one on one time with any of our new clients in person, even after we have discussed everything over the phone so that I can look around the car a little bit with you standing there in case I need to point out some specific things. You can expect us to show up on the time agreed and will do exactly what we discussed.


In regards to payment, we accept all major forms of credit and debit but would prefer cash from any first-time customers. Unfortunately, the few have ruined it for the many.

Orange County has many options when it comes to car care, it can be overwhelming trying to research the "best" option. At Trident Auto Detailing we aim to build trust at every level of the process. Our goal is to inform you in every area that you have questions or concerns and even in the areas where you really don't know what to ask. We have found that most car owners, for the most part, do not know how to ask the right questions in order to get the results that they are looking for.


The car industry as a whole provides a lot of wordy marketing and snake oil when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Our aim is to educate you, the consumer, providing an honest, straightforward perspective in order to help you get what you want. I say this over and over, but my goal is not to separate you from your money. Our goal is to ask you the right questions and communicate as thoroughly as we can so that we can get your vehicle looking as its best.

Payment Methods

Trident Automotive Detailing currently accepts Cash, all major forms of Credit and Debit, and Venmo. Unfortunately, we currently do not accept Checks, Paypal, or Apple Pay. 


Keep in mind is that there is a small transaction fee when cards are swiped, however, this is a negligible amount. For example, a transaction of $150 might have an added card swipe tax of $5.


When dealing with first-time clients we prefer cash. Unfortunately, the few have ruined it for the many.

Products Used

We understand that your vehicle means the world to you. With that being said we want you to trust in the products and methods we use to detail your vehicle. Trident Automotive Detailing uses trusted industry brands to ensure that the chemicals going on your vehicle come from tested and trusted source. Below are of some of the main brands we use and trust.

Automotive Detailing Terminology

We have provided comprehensive guides to the vast world of auto detailing. Our goal is to help educate you so that you can avoid being a victim of a poor auto detailing job.


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