Member Services

Some of our clients are apart of our membership program. Our Membership Program is a ONCE A MONTH detail that utilizes our Daily Driver Detail Package to ensure that your vehicle stays clean at a fraction of the cost. This improves the look, value, and life of your car it would be ridiculous not to want to join. As an added note, our clients will pay full price for the first wash but willpay a lower price for every wash after that. This so your vehicle can be caught up in terms of maintenance detail.

Daily Driver Package Price
Membership Price
What is Included
• Thorough Hand Wash
• Clean & Decontaminate wheels
• Clean & Decontaminate Wheels, Fenders, and Tires
•Lightly Clean Door Jambs
•Clean Windows Inside and Out
•Clay Bar Paint (only applied every 4-6 months to avoid micro scratches)
•Apply High-Quality Spray Wax for Glossy Shine
• Interior and Trunk Vacuumed
• Interior Panels Wiped Clean and Dusted
• Dress Interior Components
• Light Seat Cleaning
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